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Business Meeting
   Business Training Academy


  • We offer exclusive onsite leadership and business management training to your staff. 
  • We will customize your overall child care business to increase your profits. 
  • Choose a specific training topic to meet the needs of your staff. 

Pro Child Care Business & Leadership Training


  • Clients- Free

  • Non Clients- Reasonable Rates (call or email for rates)



Child Care Training Courses:




Business in Child Care- 4 CE Hours- Learn effective and professional

ways to run a child care business, enrolling in federal programs, dealing

with parents, staff scheduling, working under pressure, etc.


Leadership in Child Care- 4 CE Hours- Learn effective and professional ways to be a great communicator, role model, leader, time management, hiring, etc.


Teacher-Child Interaction- 3 CE Hours- Learn effective ways to communication with children on their level in a professional manner.

Role Playing & Fun.


Age-Appropriate Activities - 2 CE Hours- Understanding appropriate

toys, learning materials, and tools to help children learn at their own pace

and safety issues.


Room Arrangement in Child Care- 2 CE Hours- Learn how the arrangement of a room can help kids learn and capture their interest.


Safety in Child Care - 4 CE Hours- A hands-on class with a variety of information to help your staff, children, and parents feel safe during child

care hours.


Child Guidance & Discipline - 6 CE Hours- Learn effective ways to guide children and positive discipline techniques on all levels, legal issues, and referrals for families.


Poverty & It's impact on children's learning- 6 CE Hours- Learn how everyday living conditions of a child can affect a child's learning due to poverty.


Multicultural Activities in the Classroom- 3 CE Hours- We teach

teachers how to implement creative ideas into their everyday activities to

help kids learn about other cultural.


Using Music as Transitions in the Child Care- 2 CE Hours- Creative

Style of Transitions are learned to make transition fun, smoother, and

easy for children. 


Child Nutrition - 2 CE Hours- Design to help child care programs and parents shop for healthy, fun, and nutritious foods for their programs

and home. 














































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AOC Business Academy also offer:

  • Online Training Courses 

  • Business Training via Zoom 

  • Certificate of Completion after completion of courses


Rates for Clients Only

$40  6-Hrs  |  $30  4-Hrs  |  $20  3-hrs  |  $15  2-Hrs

$100  Bestseller's Package

         Choose Your Courses (Up to 30 clock hours per calendar year)

           Email or Call to schedule your training:

           (817) 713-5202 or

$100 Bestseller's Package
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Getting Your Business Organized

                     Personnel, Policies, & Procedure Package

              6-hour Training


This business training package is specifically designed to help small

businesses create company policies and procedures. How to hire a winning team, develop and conduct new staff orientation, and provide high performance training for your team. This is a intensive training that includes the following:


  • Help day care centers develop a powerful mission statement.

  • Create, revise, and/or review your company handbook policies.

  • Develop your company a business code of conduct.

  • Provide exclusive management & leadership training to your team to promote high quality services to your clients and families. 

  • Develop a system that reward employees, enhance productivity and motivation, provide recognition where necessary, learning the art of promoting wellness, structure, cultural, teamwork, and so much more.       

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          Kids Leadership Academy

Child Learning Numbers at School

Summer 2023

Unique Programs will be provided at

the Kids Leadership Academy:

  • ​Kids Math Camp

  • Kids Reading Camp

  • Kids Leadership Skills

  • Kids Money Management 

  • Kids Science Lab

  • Kids Engineering Lab

  • Kids Home Economics

  • Outdoor Fitness & Activities

  • Dance & Singing Lessons

  • Drama/Theater for Kids 

  • Online Safety Tips


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