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Our Mission
To provide youth with healthy foods and improve young lives affected by poverty. 




AOC is a 501 (c) (3) youth non-profit organization who are proud partners with the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA).


AOC youth and nutrition services provide services in multiple North Texas counties in the Greater Dallas/Fort Worth, including counties in San Antonio and Kerrville, TX and other counties in rural areas. Our services include all aspects of the CACFP; training, software program, technical assistance, reimbursement, reward programs, free child care training, at-risk enrichment programs, and program assistance apart from the CACFP.


The Texas Department of Agricultural uses non-profit organizations called "Sponsors" to work directly with organized child care programs. The Child

Adult Care Food Program is a federal program supported by your tax dollars.

The program was created by congress in 1968 in response to the great need to providing healthy nutritious meals to children of working parents. The program

is funded and administrative by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Meet the Executive Staff


Tungila Raychelle Meyers is the President & CEO of Apples & Oranges Corp. She have over 25 years of experience in Early Childhood Development and 15 years in managing the CACFP Child Nutrition Program. She's a phenomenal speaker, best-selling author, and business mentor for young ladies across the globe. She holds a Associates Degree in Child Development and is passionate about empowering young women to live their best lives. Raychelle's been featured on national radio shows and major magazines across the nation, including internationally in China, Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Raychelle is also a Hollywood Film Producer of The Soul of Success: The Jack Canfield Story.  She's been featured in Forbes Magazine and seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox News. 

Ulysses Meyers is the Vice-President Apples & Oranges Corp with over 17 years  in Management and Human Resource experience, including 8 years experience in CACFP Child Nutrition Program. Ulysses holds a bachelor's degree

in Technical Management with Concentration in Security Management, he's a Veteran of United States Marine Corps and spends his spare time mentoring high school teens and young adults. Ulysses is a member of the Prince Hall Freemason and Shiners, volunteering at local charitable events for the purpose of enriching communities. Ulysses Meyers is also a certified life coach, motivational speaker, youth mentor, and education advocate.

Rebie Allen joined Apples & Oranges Corp 2 years ago and serves as the Administrative Assistant for the food and nutrition program for youth. She's passion about feeding children and supporting clients with enrollment, menus, and civil right training. She's an excellent attribute to Apples & Oranges team, and readily volunteers her time to service youth in need in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  


Meet  Apples & Oranges Executive Team

Boss Girl Move Announcement! __But first
       Raychelle Meyers



DSC_7265_pp (2).JPG
Ulysses Meyers

Vice President

Rebie Boss AA_edited.jpg
Rebie Allen

Administravitve Assistant

​Why Choose AOC?






  • Over 25 years experience


  • Excellent Customer Service


  • Help clients build a successful business- A-1 Success





  • Reward Program- Incentives rewarded for clients doing superior work

  • Referral Program- Receive $75 when your referral enroll with AOC

  • Free electronic filing via Minute Menu (easy monthly claim submission)

  • Free child care training hours for all sponsored sites

  • Free consulting services for clients 

  • Excellent Client Communication- You can always reach us

  • Jammie's for Kidz - Pajama's for homeless & less fortunate kids

  • Beyond The Poverty Lines- Homeless kids receive vouchers - Social Program

  • Youth Entrepreneur Program - Grooming the next Generation

  • Mobile Notary Services

  • Available to speak at live events - Public Schools, Colleges, and Youth Events

  • Annual Conference, Training, & Lunch for all Sponsored Sites

  • 24-Hour Message & Text Line- Guaranteed Response 24 hours or less 





  • Fast reimbursement payment on time

  • Free direct deposit into your checking or savings account

  • There are never any extra fees

  • We take on all CACFP financial responsibility



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